Move Over, Margarita: This Cinco De Mayo, Give Mexican Whiskey A Try

Tony Sachs

I can be a really contrary bastard sometimes. Well, it’s not me exactly, just my taste buds.  They just don’t seem to enjoy being dictated to by the calendar.  If it’s St. Patrick’s Day, you can bet they’ll not be feeling the love for Irish whiskey.  July 4th, they’ll be jonesing for Peruvian pisco, Italian amari, Japanese single malts... pretty much anything that’s not American.  So since Cinco de Mayo is upon us, well, you can tell where this is going, right?  I haven’t been in the mood for mezcal in weeks, even though I normally love the stuff.  Tequila is probably the last thing I feel like drinking right now. What my taste buds are craving is whiskey, dammit.  

And that’s where Douglas French comes in..